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Scientists Using Microwaves to Turn Waste Motor Oil Into Usable Fuel


British scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed a method of converting waste motor oil into diesel to be used in any diesel engine. By using microwaves and a specially-designed material, they burn the oil in the absence of oxygen, a process called pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis is not new to anybody, but is nevertheless useful by using this new method. The scientists added a material that absorbs microwaves to the waste oil, just because applying classic pyrolysis techniques directly would not heat the oil evenly, and this would make the entire process difficult.

They then applied pyrolysis and allowed for 90 percent of the processed motor oil to be converted into a mixture of gasoline and diesel. It’s by far the uncleanest fuel in the world, but it’s better than spilling it in various rivers around the world.

[via gas2]

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  1. Why not just keep the lubricate oil clean continually all the time by using a “refiner” type of product which also increases the life of the equipment -LOL “oh that just might be e problem” manufactors want to sell new oil and equipment, parts etc.


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