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Mitsubishi Electric's New PV Cell Module has an Output of 200W


Mitsubishi has developed a new photovoltaic (PV) cell module that has an output of 200W and unlike conventional ones it uses monocrystalline silicon (Si) PV cells. For the moment, the PV cell module is targeted at residents of Japan, but the company plans to start offshore shipments from Oct 20, 2010.

The output of the new module is about 5% higher than Mitsubishi Electric’s PV cell module that uses polycrystalline Si PV cells. Besides the fact that the new monocrystalline Si PV cell increases power generation efficiency, it also boosts the current value, early prototypes suffered from greater energy loss. This happens because the electric resistance inside the cell increases.

The company has solved this problem by increasing the number of bus bar electrodes from two to four to shorten the travel distance of electrons. So, the researchers have got a positive result. The electric resistance inside the cell decreased, enhancing the output performance of the monocrystalline Si PV cell.

According to Mitsubishi Electric Corp., the new PV cell module will be available in three shapes: a normal type (rectangular type), a trapezoidal type (1,297 x 858mm, 100W) and a square type (843 x 858mm, 100W), thus, having the possibility to be installed on various types of roofs. In only one year, the company is planning to sell about 100,000 units at a price of US$1,561 for three types.

[Source: TechOn]

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