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Mitsubishi Planning to Release Eight New Plug-In Electric Vehicles by 2015


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has got a new business plan related to emerging markets, electric power and globalization. Eight new hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles will be launched by 2015. The purpose of their launch is both to reduce the dependence on conventional combustion engines and to reduce the environmental impact of the hybrid’s fleet.

Among those cars will be a commercial mini EV for Japan and plug-in hybrids for Japan, US and Europe. They also intend to improve the battery energy density, to develop lightweight parts and improve the environmental credentials of the petrol and clean diesel engines.

According to Lenore Fletcher, the president of Mitsubishi Motors Australia, the local market was a part of the product plans, even though Australia was not mentioned in the business plan. The Japanese company wants to keep its business resources focused on compact cars, SUVs and other strategic models. The end of the Galant, Endeavour and Eclipse might be spelled in the US.

It seems that MMC intends to increase 2013 financial year’s sales to 1.37 million units in comparison to the estimated one million in the 2010 financial year. A third plant is going to be built in Thailand in order to produce small vehicles. MMC China will consolidate a JV with a local partner, and this way the production capacity at its Japanese, US and European centers will be favored.

Furthermore, Russia will manufacture a new SUV, while Nissan will lead to the production of a new mini-car, and the US hub will export a new model worldwide. Although MMC made public the fact that it will not introduce a successor to the region-specific Colt for Europe, Ms Fletcher stated that the Australian-specification Colt was not especially provided for the same demise. It is likely that Mitsubishi will attract new business partners and alliances in individual project areas with predictable satisfactions.

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