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Mobile Wind Turbine Generates Both Solar and Wind Energy


Honolulu-based Natural Power Concepts has recently designed a mobile, retractable-blade wind turbine that is capable to generate both solar and wind energy. Being equipped with solar panels, this turbine becomes one of the newest inventions in the alternative energy field.

The new wind turbine features seven instead of three blades, and, unlike conventional ones, it catches low speed winds more effectively. The electricity collected by the system will be stored in a battery bank. The batteries can be also recharged by a generator if the energy gets low.

Initially the turbine was designed for storm protection. When wind reaches certain speeds, the blades are pushed back to a closed position, making the turbine much safer than utility-scale ones. According to the company, the coming months will see a full-scale model developed.

“The technology has potential applications for the Department of Defense for expeditionary missions as well as the National Guard and other agencies within the government that have disaster-recovery missions,” said Steve Nimmer, director of engineering and technology programs at Oshkosh Defense.

[Source: Pacific Business News]

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