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Electric Car Wireless Charger from Evatrans to Launch in April 2011


Evatran has found a new way to charge your electric car without bothering with a plug and a cord. The company presented their new wireless charger at the Plug-In 2010 conference in San Jose, California, this week.

Dubbed Plugless Power, the device makes use of proximity charging technology to power the vehicle. Evatran’s system works by using a shoebox-sized device mounted to the undercarriage of the vehicle and a parking block which also contains a transmitter that can move within the box and thus get as close as possible to the receiver on the vehicle.

According to the company, the distance should be around 2 inches in order to efficiently send energy to the car. The developers said the electric charger is currently 80 percent efficient but hope to take it to 90 percent at the time of commercialization.

Evatran is planning to release the first version of the Plugless Power in December. Ironically, this first one would use a cord (and will provide a 240 volt, 32 amp charge through a J1772 connector). The units will cost around $3,000 and a wireless version of the charger will be available in April for $800 more (maybe they should make a discount to the “wired” customers from December).

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