Modified Nokia Cell Phone Powered by Coke or Any Other Soda

A Chinese developer called Daizi Zheng has discovered a new source of power for cell phones: Coca-Cola. He recently modified a Nokia cell phone to be powered by this juice or any other sugary solution.

According to Zheng, unlike a phone that uses a conventional lithium ion battery, this modified Nokia can run 3 or 4 times longer on a single charge, having the possibility to be fully biodegradable. The developer said that this sugar-powered phone could potentially give a much more eco-friendly energy source than lithium ion batteries.

The bio battery of the new phone is acting as a fuel cell, using enzymes as the catalyst to produce electric energy from carbohydrates. When the battery is empty it can run for a few good hours and then it can be emptied out and refilled with more Coke.

Until now, Nokia did not say anything about the incorporation of this project into future products, this phone was designed as a client project for company. “It brings a whole new perception to batteries and afternoon tea,” Zheng said on her project’s website.

[Source: Physorg]


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