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Mosaic Offers Renewable Energy Investment for the Average American

Mosaic Offers Renewable Energy Investment Options in Fort Dix, New Jersey
Mosaic Offers Renewable Energy Investment Options in Fort Dix, New Jersey

Renewable energy, to be sure, is an expensive prospect, requiring investment capital to install the advanced technology to convert the energy around us into energy that we can use.

Part of the problem with investment in renewable energy is seeing the returns. Install $10,000 in solar panels today, and you might not break even for years. Of course, given that solar panels often last decades, they’ll be providing renewable energy for much longer than the original investment period. It’s hard to get people to realize how these numbers work and, adding in political pressure from the flat-earthers and fossil fuel lobbyists, it becomes easy to see why there isn’t more push for investment into renewable energy.

There are a few people who, on an individual basis, have had the financial means and economic sense to install or invest in renewable energy systems. In return for bigger upfront investment, these people live with the peace of mind that they aren’t contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the satisfaction that comes from reducing or elimination utility bills by producing their own electricity from renewable sources, such as the sun, wind, or even water. The rest of us, those who don’t have the financial means, aren’t left out of the loop. Currently, there are various companies, such as SolarCity, that can install and maintain solar power systems on your own roof, and all you pay for is the electricity produced, until the system is paid for.

Mosaic offers another option, investment into large-scale renewable energy systems, such as a 12.3MW solar power system that will power a joint Army, Navy, Air Force military housing project, in Fort Dix, New Jersey. The system is expected to output, using 55,189 panels, 13.82GWh annually, eliminating nearly 10,750 tons of carbon dioxide from being generated. For as little as $25, investors become a part of this grand project, not only ensuring its success, but also securing dividends, a variable interest return LIBOR plus 2.5% after four years. New investors can even get a $10 investment bonus until October 10th.

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