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Movito: World's Most Versatile Electric Scooter



Our world is full of brilliant designers who take everything their minds envision and transform into reality… or models, prototypes. Designers complete the engineers’ work. One without the other would be like a carriage without a horse.

This time, Tai Chiem from Melbourne, Australia, has conceived the concept of an electric scooter, named Movito, somewhat different than the others existing on the market. It is different because of its versatility and refreshingly new approach of a millenium-old technology.

This bike has hubless wheels, that means the wheel is not centered and spinning on an axis, but rather caught from its bottom side of a rolling rigid fixed part, that goes to the scooter’s direction fork. Also, the wheel plays the role of an electric motor, having all the active equipment inside the fixed part (the stator).

But the most interesting part of Movito is that when you have two of them, you can join their bases (they have detachable tops) and create a mini car for two.

Chiem’s work also got recognition: a prize from NASA’s “Create the future” design contest. The prize was also probably consistent.

In addition to the picture above, below you can take a look at Movito’s gallery.

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