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Mr. Beam – Amazingly Green Virtual Light-Powered Redecorations


Now, everyone who’s ever done a redecoration of their home knows how time and energy wasting is to buy the bed, then realize that the color won’t fit the color of the wall, or that you wanted another model for the table, wall clock etc.

There’s a solution for all of that hassle, a solution that saves you money, energy and that is ultimately green. For those who don’t mind, it can also be used for parties, instead of some fancy and expensive paper decorations.

Finally, here’s the secret: use Mr-Beam. They’re a Dutch company of people who designed a two-projectors system that it able to “print” any pattern or image on any of your walls and objects in the room. You can virtually redecorate your room instantly without touching a thing, then change your mind and finally do straight for your choice, without carrying objects back and forth from the store.

Besides small applications such the design of a room, they can save money and energy used for opening stores, decorating entire buildings or making an active and attractive change to various events such as festivals.

Looks green enough to mention, what do you think? Watch the video, and then feel free to post your opinion below, in the comments section!

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