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Nanosolar’s Flexible Solar Panels – a GigaWatt Promise Kept


Remember Nanosolar? I wrote on article on them a few months ago, telling that they invented a light sensitive thin layer, that could be imprinted on various flexible surfaces and then used as solar batteries. They kept their word to it. Now Nanosolar has produced this little youtube movie showing the real process of fabrication from their California facility. Nanosolar solar cells (improper said “cells”, because they are more than that) could be imprinted on everything, including cloth. Except that, the energy they will produce will be very cheap. The rate of solar cell production in 100 feet/minute.

Nanosolar’s CEO, Martin Roscheisen, said that the secret to Nanosolar technology is that cells are literally printed from a liquid. From his blog:

“Most production tools in the solar industry tend to have 10-30MW in annual production capacity. How is it possible to have a single tool with Gigawatt throughput?

“This feat is fundamentally enabled through the proprietary nanoparticle ink we have invested so many years developing. It allows us to deliver efficient solar cells (presently up to more than 14 percent) that are simply printed,” he added.

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