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NASA Cuts Down Car Fleet Emissions by Making It 100% Electric


nasa-volt-plugged.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smartNASA is constantly supporting and encouraging cool research, there is no doubt about that. But their latest experiment is one that can raise quite a few eyebrows- in a good way.

The guys at the Kennedy Space Center decided to replace speculations and guesses with real numbers on how much carbon dioxide can be reduced if employees of the Agency ditch their diesel cars and replace them with 100% electric drives.

The reality is that until now all data on benefits from driving an electric car have been rough guesses. Actual numbers have not yet been shown by anyone, including EV manufacturers. In order to assess the benefits, NASA decided to give plug-in vehicles to ten of their employees, and allow them to charge them at work for free. In return, the drivers had to report back to the agency every day and provide information on the traffic conditions and the mileage.

The findings were better than anyone could anticipate, and surprised even the guys behind the program. Even if the error margin is taken into account, it was estimated that the ten guys cut down the emissions of carbon dioxide by 15,000 pounds in a space of three months, and the cost was only $148. Imagine if the program is extended to the 80,000+ employees of the agency, and run for a year- I will let you do the math.

The program provides the first real data on the benefits of plug-ins and once the numbers have been compiled, NASA will finally be able to put them on a large display and show them to all those, who still think EVs are not the solution to the global carbon dioxide problem.

The team that conducts the research emphasized on the fact that they would consider only the 100% electric vehicles. The aim of the agency is to go fully electric.

Image (c) NASA


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