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Nendo Puts an End to One-Time Use of Wrapping Paper


Giftote-bag-by-Nendo-5-537x358It is that time of the year again, when everyone rushes around gift shops in a search for the perfect holiday surprise. Regardless of what we buy, wrapping paper is always on the list. So, how about this year we all go for the eco-friendly reusable option.

A huge part of the excitement of receiving Christmas presents is actually unwrapping them. Pulling the ribbons, tearing the paper, it all adds up to the Christmas experience and it is something that everyone, especially kids, cherish greatly.  Unfortunately, once these few minutes of fun are over, the attention goes to what has been placed inside the package, while the wrapping paper goes directly in the trash.

Well, it does not always have to be this way. A Japanese company, called Nendo, has now released the best eco-friendly option there is. Meet the giftote-bag, the reusable gift wrap, made of fabric, which can turn into a tote bag after it has fulfilled its Christmas duties.

Nendo’s reusable gift wrap comes with ribbons in six different colors and various sizes. The makers were very particular about the fact that above all, it is a gift wrap. As such, it has to be competitive, therefore in order to become the first choice of customers, the price has to remain low. To ensure this, they managed to cut down the production cost, focusing on fewer production steps and minimal sewn parts.

I love this, if not only for the fact that this kind of wrapping paper can actually be one of the components of the present, but also because it reduces unnecessary waste. Most of the fancy wrapping paper around is not even recyclable, leave alone reusable. I do understand that this gift-wrap is not the conventional choice, it is not sparkly and shiny, and does not bring that socially desired pleasure of tearing paper, but hey, it is time we all stop for a bit and think of the environment again.

Image (c) Nendo

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