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New BatteryBox Backup Power Device Powers MacBook Air for 12 Hours, Lasts 5 Years


view-side-590x330Everyone knows that the smartphone, the tablet and the personal notebook are the best travel companions, especially if ahead of us is a long and tedious journey. Needless to say, those of us, who have concluded long ago that without our favorite gadget, our trip is doomed, have also found out just as long ago, that the most annoying part is when the gadget runs out of battery. The solution – a backup power device, and if you go for the latest BatteryBox, you will not only save space in the travel bag, but you will also be able to charge all your gadgets for many many hours before you need to recharge the backup device again.

BatteryBox is designed and made by Gbatteries Systems Inc, and it is a truly revolutionary device. For starters, it weighs only 250 grams, and it is really tiny in size-  0.98 x 2.63 x 3.55-inches. Quite unbelievable really considering that inside it has a 50Whr, 12,000mAh battery pack, which can supply power to a MacBook Air for 12 hours, or charge as many as 8 iPhones before the device itself needs recharging.

This is the moment, when you need to have around 4.5 hours to spare so you could charge the BatteryOS system inside it up to 80% or around 9 hours, to reach the full 100%. BatteryBox is not available just yet, but rumor has it that it will cost $139. It is a bit much, especially for a backup energy storage, but it is apparently much better than anything there is on the market right now. After all, it is a long term investment. Unlike any other similar devices, this one should serve you perfectly well for at least 5 years.

Image (c) Gbatteries

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