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New Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine Technology Developed by WWII Veteran


For many years, there has been a major concern that wind farms have negative impact on birds. However, some people do not believe in that thought while others are firm that wind farms are more of destructive bird blenders.

89-year-old Raymond Green, a California resident, invented a new wind turbine technology: Catching Wind Power® Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine (CWP) and licensed it to Jerry Lynch, an ex – US Navy serviceman, to get it improved and ready for manufacturing.

By testing, improving, and manufacturing Raymond Green’s patented wind turbine, the president of Sigma Design, Jerry Lynch, is working on addressing the bird issue. For your information, Raymond Green’s patented wind turbine is designed in such manner that it is safe for avian creatures.

A Middlesex-based company, Sigma Design might currently create around 25 technology related jobs. According to Jerry Lynch, “We hope that some visibility sends some people of interest our way, and that we can figure out a way to fund it.” So far, the firm has collected the data necessary to commercialize the wind turbine.

As the Altamont Pass wind farm has killed surprisingly huge numbers of birds because of its old turbine technology, other wind farms are starting to figure out the reason of their turbines being destructive to birds.

What’s also funny is that as birds can’t see the trivial (transparent) windows, these cause more deaths than wind turbines do – regularly.

Altamont Pass was built in the incorrect place with the wrong technology as it has caused about half of the total US wind farm caused bird fatalities. However, it’s nice that a new kind of turbine that apparently kills fewer birds around is on its way.

[via cleantechnica]

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