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New Dual Carbon Battery Charges 20 Times Faster, Hits Market This Year


dual-carbon-fast-charging-battery-6As technology continues to progress with an incredible speed, home-based renewable energy sources, electric vehicles and smart gadgets become more affordable to the average citizen.

The increasing demand for innovation and cheaper alternatives, puts a huge pressure on manufacturers to come up with new features that can make user’s experience much better. One huge limitation here, however, is that the more features a smart phone has, the faster an EV becomes, or the more efficient a solar cell is, the higher energy storage capacity it requires.

This is most likely the reason why there is a new battery technology that emerges almost every week, which promises better storage and faster charging than any of the existing ones. However, despite of the fact that all these inventions make it to the news, probably not more than 20% (a rough guess) make it to the market. But some do and here is one of the success stories. A Japanese battery manufacturer, Power Japan Plus, just announced that they are ready to begin mass-production of their newly developed disruptive dual carbon battery, which charges twenty times faster than the commonly used lithium ion energy storage alternative.

The new battery is called “Ryden“. It is cheap, environmentally friendly and extra safe, which makes it extremely suitable for use in electric cars, where speed of charging is one of the main determining factors for purchase. The makers, Power Japan in collaboration with researchers from Kyushu University, ensure future customers that if they opt for it, they are likely to cut down the charging time of their vehicle from four hours to 12 minutes, for a Nissan Leaf with a 24 kWh battery capacity, or 42 mins for a Tesla Model S with a 85kWh battery.


The incredible boost in battery charging time comes from the carbon, which makes up both electrodes. This element also brings down the cost of manufacturing, and makes the technology much safer, as it is thermally stable, and much more environmentally friendly, as it is 100% recyclable. The energy density is just as high as that of the latest lithium-ion battery, however the price and the charging time are much lower. For full details on the numerous advantages of the technology, follow this video.

For the mass-production, the company has already developed an organic carbon complex out of organic cotton. The first products will hit the market later on this year, and they will be specifically made for powering medical devices and satellites. After that, the guys are hitting the EV market.

Image (c) Power Japan Plus


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