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New Electric Bike Generates Oxygen And Removes Air Pollutants


airpurifyingbicycle.png.662x0_q100_crop-scaleWouldn’t it be great if there was a bicycle that not only did not generate any pollution, but actually removed any unwanted gases that come its way and generated oxygen just as plants do? The guys at Lightfog creative studio in Bangkok thought so, and instead of only dreaming of a greener future, they took on the task to develop a prototype of a bike which purifies air and produces oxygen as it takes its environmentally cautious rider to his desired destination.

This superb air-purifying electric bike concept, if realized, will introduce another dimension to the whole idea of sustainable transportation. With air filters placed on the handlebar and an additional photosynthesis system that produces oxygen from the electricity provided by the lithium-ion battery on the bike and some water, this bike would turn out to be the greenest and healthiest mean of transport ever.

It is probably a bit naive to think that one such bike can clean the air completely, especially given that the filters and the oxygen generating system are quite small.  But imagine if all of us ditch the cars and start riding an air-purifying two-wheeler. The impact might really be significant.

Yes, it is still a concept, and construction of the prototype has not even begun yet. However there is no doubt that if the inventors manage to realize their idea and construct a working air-purifying bike, many “green” lovers will go ahead and take full advantage of it.

Image (c) Lightfog

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