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The State of New York to Offer Up To $10K EV Incentive

Although New York didn’t offer a financial incentive that would encourage people to buy eco-friendly cars, it still keeps on taking action in other ways. Meanwhile, more than 75% of the U.S. has offered discounts on the state-level.
Thus, New York decided to offer up to $2,000 if one buys an electric car or plug-in hybrid. Additionally, if the car qualifies for the federal credit, then this number can increase up to $10,000.

The staff at New York’s Energy Research and Development Authority is still debating and deciding on the details of this initiative. Yet, it is in doubt whether the action can be taken on April 1st. After California, New York is one the largest states with a potential electric car market.

If the state representatives decide to apply what is in their plan, cars like Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3, and many other affordable electric cars can take more place ın the roads of New York. Unfortunately, as Tesla Model 3 started to take its pre-orders long ago, it is late for the potential buyers in New York to get a federal credit for their late Model 3 order.

[via autoblog]

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