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NEWEN: Totally Portable Wind/Solar Harvesting Unit Design


Argentinean designer Francisco Tablado has recently designed an autonomous power unit dubbed NEWEN that taps into green electricity for all of your power needs while camping. It is also capable of providing energy to temporary shelters and housing units.

The device contains both a rotating pod and photovoltaic panels on top that according to the designer will constantly capture the power from solar and wind power. Besides this, the NEWEN is equipped with a battery that will store the generated energy and distribute it on demand.

NEWEN could be an excellent way for producing energy when a community is struck by a disaster or in harsh conditions. Unlike other devices, NEWEN’s design is much simpler, has an ergonomic design and generates power by using solar and wind at the same time.

Still, we don’t have to always think of the worst. Just the idea of camping somewhere like in the picture above and having electricity from the Sun and wind thrills me – total autonomy. Let’s hope we’ll see this on the market soon enough.

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