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Renault Twizy Announced To Be The Cheapest Urban EV Yet!


The time for cheap electric cars has come. After last year’s announcement of their Twizy, the two-seat urban electric vehicle at the Paris Auto Show (which we attended, btw), Renault is now announcing dirt cheap prices on the same EV that nobody ever thought of and could hardly match.

$9,700 is the price of Twizy, which has been presented at Geneva Motor Show today. Renault got this price by using an old marketing method that phone companies had been using since ever: buy the car, lease the battery (actually, phone operators sold phones cheaper in change of a monthly subscription).

The subscription that Renault is willing to accept is $62 per month, and that does not include the cost of electricity, but is nevertheless cheap, and Twizy is a wonder toy that anyone will want to have once it’s available commercially.

Still, there remains the issue of Renault being able to cope with all the demand from the hungry electric car consumers and the grid that must bear all of the load these electric cars will put on its shoulders. But that’s another story we’ll discuss tomorrow (how Europe plans to expand the grid capacity because with the existing one it’s almost impossible to accomplish all of the electric dreams). Stay tuned!

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