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NGK Discovers 90% Efficient Gallium Nitride LED Source


A new gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor developed by NGK Insulators will hugely increase the luminous efficiency of LEDs from 30-40% to about 90%, reports TechOn.

The transparent wafer created by NGK has a very low defect density and has been made by using a proprietary liquid phase growth method for a single-crystal growth process. (if you don’t know what that is, check this out)

In tests, the GaN wafer LED illuminated twice as much as existing LEDs with the same 200 milliamps of current. The power consumption has been slashed by half and hence the lifespan will probably increase by decreasing the generation of heat (higher efficiency).

The “Wafer Project” will be launched this fiscal year and will be available commercially. Larger-diameter wafers will also be developed for power applications like wireless communication systems or hybrid/electric vehicles.

I’ve always known that LEDs were the most efficient way to illuminate something, but it looks like now they’re becoming even more efficient.

However, their price has been prohibitive so far, but as long as this technology is seeing advances, the price will too get lower and lower, until we’ll eventually replace Edison’s invention for one governed by the laws of quantum physics, like LEDs.

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