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UK Entrepreneur Retrofits His Home to Save Electricity and Become Greener


59 year-old visionary Nick Sandy has ambitiously developed his 1960s house into a stylish environmentally-friendly home fit for a superstar like James Bond. It took Sandy at least 18 months to bring about the transformation of his pad into a £1 million property of what many would label an environmentalist’s fantasy. But this is not without reason! His lavish property has fantastic features that are quite impressive.

It has motion sensors that spark curiosity by the systematic way in which they flick on beautiful lights as guests walk along hallways and into rooms. Other remarkable features include solar panels and an inbuilt heat recovery system that removes stale humid air from places like the bathrooms and pumps fresh air from around the house every two hours. There is also a temperature regulation system that adjusts room temperatures when the windows are closed or open, and a rainwater harvester strategically placed underneath the back garden.

Upon purchasing the house, Nick initially used to pay bills amounting to £3,500 per year for electricity and gas – now he only pays just around £1,000. He is citing the new ‘green’ modifications to have helped him save a fortune and is encouraging other people to follow suit so as to enjoy not just opulent comfort but also abundant living and working space.

Nick, the dad-of-one (that is Willy, a landscape architect) and a resident of Bath Somerset, UK, renovated his former two single and 2 double bedroom house into a posh 5 double bedroom home where he also lives with his wife, Sue. He spent £10,000 on solar panels to facilitate electricity and water supply and installed aristocratic features like the motion sensors and many other refined niceties per room.

This dream home has even been noticed by Government inspectors who visited Nick’s household last week to see the remarkable work. Fiona Gruber, affiliated to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), described the work as impressive and fantastic.

Nick runs Bath-based housing development company ST8 and has now placed his eco-home on the market at £2.5million.

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  1. A 5-bedroom house for 2 people (or even 10) cannot be considered green. In fact individual houses in general cannot be green as they mean SPRAWL, and sprawl is at the root of all our e/v problems but I have never heard any card-carrying greenie actually admit this. Probably because most of them live in single houses..!


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