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World’s Most Important Automakers Set Standard for EV Charging


A new agreement between the world’s most important automakers regarding the standardization of electric vehicle charging systems has been announced on Thursday. The new standard is meant to speed up charging and make it more safe.

The new charging system will be on display at this year’s Electric Vehicle Symposium and has been adopted by Audi, BMW, Chrysler-Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche and Volkswagen.

It will encapsulate “one-phase AC-charging, fast three-phase AC-charging, DC-charging at home and ultra-fast DC-charging at public stations into one vehicle inlet.” It will be called Combined Charging System.

All of these companies will start commercializing chargers based on the new CCS technology by the end of this year and will equip all of their 2013 onward cars with it.

The biggest name in electric vehicles, however, is seemingly missing from here: Tesla Motors. How they will adapt to the new environment is not hard to predict – they’ll surely adopt it, but it would have been interesting if they had anything to say about the standard.

Nissan is also a big name, but they also have their own CHAdeMO, so who knows? Maybe this isn’t such a big standardization, after all…

Or, maybe the new Combined Charging System will be compatible with Nissan and Tesla from the start… we’ll keep you posted on this.

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