Nissan Leaf Deliveries Not Affected by Japan Quake, States UK Company Official

Nissan UK has assured its customers that they won’t get left out of Leafs, even if Japan’s earthquake has destroyed most of the transportation infrastructure in the country. So far, 550 orders worth some $42,000 have been fulfilled.

“Once people start to see them on the roads and realise that it does actually work and drives well, I think there will be a sudden surge [in orders],” a spokesman for the company said to BusinessGreen.

The Nissan Leaf is only produced in Japan for the moment. The main factory hasn’t been directly been affected by the quake and tsunami. Still, the UK still has enough cars on stock to deliver in a short to medium term.”That should keep us going for a while and the next batch is not due to be produced for a little while, so hopefully we’ll be ok,” he said. “We have not had any word that there will be a problem.”

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Of course, to make things look as nicest as they can, Nissan won’t reveal every problem that they have, and most probably neither will Toyota. Plans for producing the Leaf in Europe will solve two problems at once: the pollution associated with ocean transportation and other risks given by third-party factors, such as this earthquake that just happened.


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