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Cheapest Nissan Leaf Lease Ever, Just $150/mo? Testing Smart Charging

Nissan Leaf to be Used Testing a New Smart Charging System
Nissan Leaf to be Used Testing a New Smart Charging System

In order to test out a theory, Nissan is preparing to offer what could be the cheapest Nissan Leaf lease ever, just $150/mo.

The Nissan Leaf isn’t selling like hotcakes like the company was hoping, but this new lease offer has nothing to do with increasing sales and brand awareness. The new project, My Electric Avenue, is being set up to test out a new electric vehicle smart charging system developed by EA Technology.

The new charging system, called Esprit, has the ability to communicate with the local power delivery substation to balance the Nissan Leaf’s charging requirements with the demand already in place. Under the typical arrangement, owners might arrive home after work and immediately plug in their cars, adding to the already-heavy demand at that hour from thousands of people getting home about the same time and turning on televisions and home computers and starting dinner.

To that end, a consortium of companies, including Nissan, the Low Carbon Networks Fund, and Scottish & Southern Energy, is offering a super-low lease rate on the new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. This offer won’t be available to just anyone. Instead, the companies are looking for about ten clusters of potential clients who can best test the operation of the Esprit smart charging system.

Those who are chosen to participate in the program will get a Nissan Leaf for just $150/mo and free home installation of an Esprit smart charger. The program will end after 18 months, but during that time, EA Technology is hoping to prove how smart charging can reduce the need for massive expansion of the current power grid, which would prove to be expensive and disruptive [Don’t we all dread that “Utility Workers Ahead” sign?]


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