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Nissan Unveils Racing Version of Its Electric Leaf


If last year’s auto market has seen the introduction of Nissan’s 100% electric, no-gas Leaf, 2011 witnesses the appearance of a racing Leaf at New York’s Auto Show. Being a racing car, the concept of the Leaf is a “Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car” changes a little.

The Japanese car is the result of Nissan’s Global Design Center collaboration with NISMO, Nissan’s Motorsports Group and is called LEAF NISMO RC. From a five-door vehicle, the model switches to a two-door design, a 3.9- inch shorter wheelbase and a ground clearance of only 2.4 inches.

Bearing in mind that this is a racing car whose goal is to go as fast as possible, the designers have taken some weight off the vehicle, making it considerably lighter: about 40%.

Also, NISMO RC is able to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 6.85 seconds, reaching up to 93 mph. The racing speed puts a higher pressure on the car’s capabilities, so it won’t last longer than 20 minutes on the road.

For the public to see exactly what this is all about, Nissan plans a number of demonstrations at several events this year, so everybody can see with their own eyes how much fun an electric racing car can be and if competitions of this kind are worth organizing.

[via Detroit Free Press]

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