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Worldwide Nissan Leaf Sales Hit 50,000


nissan-leafNissan declared this past weekend that their Nissan Leaf, the fully electric vehicle, had achieved sales of 50,000 after its 2010 launch, which enabled Nissan to make the claim that the figure represents the best-selling car of all time.

Also, with reference to numbers by the Carwings telemetry system, Nissan added that the car had traveled over 260 million kilometers.

To further show how practical the Leaf is, Nissan showed that a Japanese Leaf owner had achieved the highest mileage, with a recorded 175,000 covered in just two years, while a Spanish owner of the electric vehicle has achieved more than 43,000 kilometers in about a year.

Nissan has recently reduced the price of the Leaf in US Markets by 18%, to crown it as the cheapest five-seater electric vehicle nationwide. In the UK, the price of the Leaf was reduced by £2,500 to £23,490, from £25,990.

Meanwhile, Nissan also announced last month that manufacturing of the Leaf would now be carried out in the US, featuring quicker charging times due to the presence of an onboard charger of 6.6 kW capacity that charges the battery fully in about four hours from a 220 V charging post.

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