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Nissan Makes Fast Electric Car Charging Network in Arizona


Nissan Electric Cars ArizonaArizona is the testing ground for a new electric car charge network Nissan is going to develop.

The project is being created with ECOtality and Pima government association and is going to provide the electric support for the new electric cars Nissan will launch in the US next year.

The charging places are able to fast charge a battery in 10-15 min, enough to have the minimum driving capacity.

Nissan will provide electric vehicles to public organizations and will promote the benefits of zero-emission cars.

There is another project as competition for Nissan’s charging network, Project Better Place. PBP will have charged batteries and will change your car’s depleted battery with another one so one can continue the road.

The advantages of Nissan’s project are:
– more user-friendly, as you easily charge the battery yourself
– less potential failing points
– cheaper, because they don’t need to have moving parts, storage, battery swap infrastructure
– more flexible with future battery technologies that might decrease size, increase capacity

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