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Nissan and Nichion Turn Leaf Into Home Power Storage


The idea behind getting a return when buying an electric vehicle is to charge it when the energy is at its lowest. And when is that? At night, of course. So how do you pull that out when the station is I-don’t-know-how-many miles away?

For Nissan Leaf owners, the problem has been solved! With the “EV Power Station” from Nichicon Corporation you transfer power from the station to your own home and have your car gorge onto electricity while sitting in the garage at night. The technology was inspired from Nissan’s “Leaf to Home,” a device which makes the connection between the car’s battery and the electricity source.

The “EV Power Station” allows for your Leaf to cut the charging time into half – just four hours, instead of eight. Plus, when you get home in the evening and park your car, but electricity is at its most pricey rate, why not do something smart for your home and use the system to bring in some of that power into your house. If the car is fully charged, it could mean 2 days of electricity “bliss” for your home – as much power as you can consume.

To be more clear, we’re talking about a dual system here: „Leaf to Home” and the “EV Power Station.” The first ones benefiting at the moment are the Japanese, since their energy market has gone berserk without the nuclear backup. Their electricity prices keep fluctuating over different periods of time and the electronics market has adapted through smart appliances. Nonetheless, this technology would should come in handy at 330,000 yen or about $4,100 (subsidies included), plus some extra bucks for the installation.

[via Physorg]

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