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Nissan Taking a More ‘Radical’ Approach to Future EV Design


BladegliderWhile it is certain that Nissan is ahead of the game when it comes to the transition to electric vehicles, their current Leaf design has much to be desired from an aesthetic standpoint. Aware of the serious momentum being built in the Tesla camp regarding high-performance and stylish EV’s, the Korean auto manufacturer is looking to bring their own sports car designs into the mix.

Speaking with Motor Authority at the Detroit Auto Show recently, Nissan’s design chief Shiro Nakamura opened up about their focus on creating both an all-electric sports car and a two-seat commuter vehicle.

Although he was light on details, we can make the assumption that they may be ramping up production of their BladeGlider concept (pictured) which was unveiled last year. As for the two-seater, this may have to do with aspects of the Esflow concept shown back in 2011.

These concepts are not likely to be the exact final product, but they are certainly a good point of reference, especially considering they were both well-received by the public.

No matter what the case, Nissan is going in the right direction, and should be applauded for taking a more “radical” approach to design. If they can provide the majority of their customers with a mass-produced, safe, and cost-effective car (the Leaf), while also keeping pace with Tesla by offering a sporty alternative to those who want something more out of their EV, then Nissan will likely be in a great industry position going forward.


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