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Nissan to Sell Solar Panels and Battery Storage Cheaper Than Tesla


The residents of the United Kingdom that have solar products installed in their households could save as much as 66 percent of their electric bills. This is according to Nissan’s recent press release. To make the technology more available to homeowners, Nissan has recently launched its Nissan Energy Solar, described by the automaker as an all-in-one solution in solar products, offering much cheaper prices than its competitor, Tesla.

Nissan’s new service is selling roof solar panels in three different options and battery storages. The three choices in roof solar panels are: (1) the competitively priced Value option, (2) the most efficient Efficiency option, and (3) the Design option. The third option includes integration of panels on rooftops.

Why choose Nissan Energy Solar over other sellers of solar products? “We have partnered with some of the world’s largest and most advanced energy companies to provide our customers with a fully integrated product range, seamless service, and genuine value. Our products are some of the most sustainable on the market, giving a second life to batteries from our electric vehicles and maximizing our use of recyclable materials,” claims the automaker on the Nissan Energy Solar website.

With the more affordable and high-quality solar products, Nissan is hopeful that the cost-saving benefit of renewable energy will be more accessible to UK residents. Nissan Energy Solar also gives consumers the option to purchase the whole solar panel system or purchase the parts separately. With the solar panel system offered by Nissan Energy Solar, users will be able to recharge a Nissan Leaf or e-NV200.

According to Motoring Research, in order to optimize the efficiency of solar panels to be installed, Nissan Energy Solar will perform LIDAR remote analysis of the rooftops. A six-panel system inclusive of installation costs around $5,383, while the prices of full solar and storage systems start at around $10,589.

[via Inhabitat]

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