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Nissan to Produce Electric Vehicles in China by 2015


Venucia e-Concept at the 2012 Beijing Auto ShowUntil now, the only Nissan electric vehicles [EV], such as the Nissan Leaf, that could be found in China, had to be imported. Thousands of Nissan Leaf have been imported into china since 2011, but in a recent press release, Nissan announced that was all going to change.

Partnering with the Dongfeng Motor Company Limited [DFL] in China, Nissan has already produced a couple of Chinese sedans under the DFL name, Venucia. The D50 sedan and R50 sport hatchback have marketed well to many first-time auto buyers in China. Looking to expand their electric-vehicle presence in China, by 2015, Nissan expects to start production of a Chinese-made EV, the Venucia e30.

The Venucia e30 was originally shown as a concept at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2012. The Venucia e30 is essentially a Nissan Leaf with a couple of cosmetic changes and a new badge, but underneath the hood is all Nissan Tech. The e30 will be produced exclusively in China for Chinese markets.

Kimiyasu Nakamura, president of DFL in Dailing, China, said “Nissan is committed to Zero Emission leadership globally and believe that the electric vehicle is the most viable alternative-energy mobility solution for the Chinese market. DFL will launch the Venucia EV adapting Nissan’s advanced EV technology and will continue to work with governments to realize this vision.”

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