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Nissan Announces Their Zero Contact Charging System for EVs


Although Nissan has recently been focused on building ultra-fast charging technologies, it seems that they didn’t ignore the way cars will charge in the future. That’s why their latest charging system is a wireless one – the Zero Contact Charging System.

The ZCCS is also not 100% effective. Its efficiency figures are not far, though, as Nissan says the system will transfer from 80 to 90 percent of the energy a normal cable would. Nissan’s new wireless charging system will use coils to transmit the energy wirelessly.

Though they mentioned that the aligning doesn’t have to be perfect to charge a vehicle, the Zero Contact Charging System is meant for those who can decently park a car, though (no offense to anyone).

As you can see from the picture, your parking skills have to be at least moderately precise for not ruining the charger – I guess Nissan would have to figure an automatic synchronization technique, or otherwise they’ll end up having lots of run-over chargers.

The prices have not been revealed yet, but the ZCCS will probably be more expensive than a cable one, which has been quoted to about $17,000 (for the fast-charging version). The thing will probably be used in public places, as one’s garage wouldn’t need inefficient wireless chargers – after all, it’s all about the money and wasted juice.

[via cleantechnica/gas2]

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