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Nokero’s N182 Solar Light Bulb Is World’s Brightest and Most Affordable


affordable-off-grid-solar-lightSome products are being invented with one and only purpose- to be the best of the best in whatever they are supposed to be doing. Just like Bugatti built their Veyron 16.4 only so it is the world’s fastest car ever made, Nokero International made their latest LED solar light bulb– N182 only so it is the world’s cheapest and brightest out of all.

Combining the latest LED technology with highly efficient micro solar panels and new and improved circuit boards, these small and slick new lights can brighten up any place for more than five hours in the most cost-effective and affordable manner known to date.

The N182 is a joint project between Nokero and Seoul Semiconductors, the latter providing their ultra-efficient mid-power 5630 LEDs. N182 charges during the day through the  1-1/2″ micro solar panel. If exposed to direct sunlight for 6-8 hours, it could provide light for the impressive 5 hours or more. It is incredibly small and it can be used as both a hanging light and a pocket torch. It has a very high energy conversion efficiency, and most of all, it is affordable thanks to the position of the PCB and on/off switch inside the bulb.

Ever since Nokero International was established back in 2010, the founders have worked with numerous organizations, bringing light to millions in need, and it seems their mission is nowhere near accomplished completely. This is LED solar bulb is one of these technologies that hold the potential to save lives in rural areas, where on grid electricity is not an option. By being simply affordable, and extremely efficient (and very cool, of course, although I am not sure people in rural areas are much concerned about this one), N182 solar bulb makes the difference between children staying longer at school and children being uneducated, or people being treated in hospitals or not. The benefits of such technology are numerous, and this only took the great intentions and willingness to make a difference of only one company. Imagine if they were more like Nokero?

Image (c) Terri Steele

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  1. July saw the launch of,
    Another great and practicable invention out of Africa this year,
    The Solar powered light,
    coming just a few months after Ghana’s Etic Group invention of the Atmospheric Water Generator,
    the Ugandan Onelamp is an application which is pertinent to and in the price range of ordinary folk.
    Though the Onelamp is aimed at the 7:5 million Ugandan schoolers, 
    it’s market lies throughout Africa and across the globe wherever issues of poverty and 
    infrastructure affect matters of lighting.
    Being able to gain 8 hours light at a time is a great asset of the Onelamp.
    Onelamp’s nobility is enhanced in that it takes people away from using dangerous, dirty and polluting kerosene,
    Kerosene “fumes kill an estimated 1.5 million women and children in Africa 
    every year more than half of them below the age of five”,
    solar power is renewable and non pollutive.
    We should all where possible help in the promotion of this product.
    Onelamp is contactable through
    Email: [email protected]
    Regional Office: Plot 53 Lubas Road, Jinja, Uganda
    Telephone: +256 – 434 660 875
    Wholesale http://www.nokero.com/dealers/application.
    Etic Group’s Atmospheric Water Generator,
    Extracts water out of the air by way of a condenser,
    through a process called reverse osmosis.
    Contact http://eticgroupint.com//
    A larger copy of the picture –


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