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New Trendy Pants from Nokia Charge a Lumia Without a Drop of Sweat


Nokia-Wireless-Charging-Pants-1-537x357High tech wearables that can do 100 things at the same time (and still look super sexy and trendy) seem to be the hit of the summer. You probably did not miss the news about the fancy headset that could power electronic devices with in-built solar cells, as well as the shoe insole that could harness the energy from walking, but the news for this new  super cool item has most likely not reached you yet.

So here it is, wearable trousers that wirelessly charge your electronic gadgets as you walk the busy streets of town. The invention is called “Modern Man”, it is made by Nokia and a British designer, and it has only one requirement in order to execute the job perfectly- that is for you not to forget to put your phone in your pocket.

Nokia is not new to the business of wireless charging devices. The DC-50 wireless charging plate is a big hit among Lumia users, and rightfully so. They do not have to go around wondering and searching for the nearest electricity plug every time there is an emergency and their phone battery is showing that sad little ‘5%’ sign. Of course, as it is the case with every technological giant, Nokia was not one to stop improving their existing gadgets, although sometimes we might think that they have reached perfection. What they now decided to do is team up with the UK designer A. Sauvage to create the must-have fashion item this year- the coolest tailored pair of trousers.

So, you put the trousers on, you put your keys in your bag, your wallet in your bag, your phone in your pocket and you’re good to go. As you walk, the trousers charge your phone, making sure that it will never leave you in the middle of the street without a mean to call. And if this is not enough for you, then you should opt for the latest Lumia 930, which apparently matches the design of the trousers perfectly well, according to Nokia’s Marketing Director Adam Johnson. Have both, and you will be the coolest kid on the block, no question about it.

Image (c) Nokia

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