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Pelty: Wireless Speaker Powered Only by Candle Light


peltyMusic is one of these magical things that can relax you to an extreme level (or drive you completely insane), in a matter of seconds. The rhythm, the volume, the sound, all these together can form a perfect harmony, transforming any situation into a memorable event.

Of course, the better the speakers, the better the experience, and if you combine this with the right light setting then you are really in for surprises. If only this whole thing could have been ‘green’, then the picture would really be complete-oh wait, it can be, thanks to Pelty– the candle-powered speaker.

Yes, I know, it could be truly disappointing when your afternoon barbecue on the beach (only where this is allowed, of course) continues way into the late hours of the evening, and just as everyone gets into the mood and decides to shake it up a bit, the batteries of your wireless speakers run out, and dancing is over. Well, if this was the case before, you can relax now, because you have the opportunity to never experience this disappointment ever again, thanks to Gianluca Gamba, a talented Italian inventor and true music lover.

Pelty, or the idea of a speaker, which is powered only by a single candle, was born around 18 months ago, when Gamba decided to give a new spin to all existing Bluetooth speakers around. Based on the principle of peltier-effect, Pelty converts the heat from a candle light into enough electricity to power the device for up to 5 hours. The device is not bigger than 8cm and has a power rating of 12 W RMS. It is compact, very sleek, entirely hand-crafted, very eco-friendly and comes at the (ahem) reasonable price of USD$ 229.

The speakers are currently on Indiegogo, where everyone can contribute, so that the gadget can be optimized and ready for shipping by November. In case the article did not convince you completely, then check out this video demonstration.

Image (c) Pelty

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