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Nokia Develops Lightning-Powered Phone Chargers


lightning-charges-phone-537x405A thunderstorm. Lightning. Your phone is running out of battery. The warnings say you should not plug any electronic devices to prevent power cuts. What do you do? Are you pursuing to find a way of charging your phone from the energy of the lightnings? Think no further. Scientists from University of Southampton are already on the job. Together with Nokia (ahem, Microsoft), Neil Palmer and team might just have found how to contain the lightning energy and charge a Nokia Lumia 925. Let’s see how.

When Nokia presented the challenge to the scientists, they immediately started to plan the winning experiment. Using two transformers, one driving an alternative current and one controlling the flow and allowing charging, the team simulated a lightning by sending 200,000 volts across a 300mm gap. The result- the Nokia Lumia 925 was able to stabilize the noise in the signal and began charging.

The team was impressed by their own finding. It meant that science is now able to provide the solution to harnessing natural energy in order to give that needed boost of power to mobile devices.

The Nokia guys were just as impressed, and proud. While the scientists could harness the energy, the mobile device creators were proud of the high quality and durability of the cell phones.

The experiment is just in its trial stage, but as Chris Weber, Executive Vice President for Sales & Marketing at Nokia, stated, such finding is a breakthrough in the world of technology.

Nokia is a company with a history of being the first to break limits and introduce innovations in the world of mobile technology. They were the first to introduce wireless charging, and with this experiment they once again proved that the sky is the limit when it comes to finding ways to bring their products’ performance to another level.

It remains to be seen what this experiment will bring to the world of mobile devices. However, one thing is for certain. If there is a brilliant new way of charging cell phones using the power of nature, Nokia will be the first to find it.

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