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EU Asks for Commitment to Preservation of Raw Materials


RecyclingThis week, a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) was released by the European Union’s High Level Steering Group of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials that details the way Europe can ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials in coming years.

In addition to ensuring the EU doesn’t run out of raw materials, the SIP also details a way for Europe to explore the use of raw materials, processing, recycling, and substitution. All of this by 2020. An ambitious, but not impossible, goal, stresses the EIP.

The proposals include exploratory technologies, recovery and recycling of demolition waste, and finding substitutes for critical raw materials. The SIP proposes mining, recycling, substitution, and alternative processes as ways to innovate, not to mention adding jobs.

Specific goals include exploring concepts and technologies to provide high-quality data and information, such as high resolution 3D geo-data. The goals also include developing methods for better recovery and recycling of construction and demolition waste. Deconstruction of nonresidential buildings is a particular focus.

The EU is about to issue a call for commitments by the end of October. This will allow all potential stakeholders commit fully and officially to the implementation of the SIP. In 2014, the EU commission will work with those in industry and academia who have committed about how they intend to implement the SIP.

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