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North America's Largest Wind Farms to be Built by Cannon and Gamesa


San Diego wind farm developer Cannon Power Group and Spanish wind turbine builder Gamesa are planning to build one of the largest wind farms in North America. The companies have started to build a wind farm South of the Border to supply clean power to a quarter of a million households in both Mexico and California from 500 MW of power until 2015. Cannon also said that the potential capacity of the site is ultimately 1,000 MW.

Gamesa and Cannon will collaborate on more wind farms that Cannon has plans to develop in Baja California (Mexico), with Gamesa supplying some development assistance and the wind turbines. They have have signed a 10-year exclusivity agreement.

The farm will be one of the largest in North America because its turbines will be spread out across 140 square miles. The initial phase will include an installed capacity between 70 and 100MW.

“Cannon Power Group is one of the most experienced wind project developers in the renewable energy market, so we are very pleased to collaborate with them on this project.This exciting new relationship will further strengthen Gamesa’s leadership in the Mexican market where we already have a substantial presence.” said Dirk Matthys, Gamesa’s chief executive in North America.

Beside this project, Cannon has about 3,000 MW of wind farms under development worldwide and Gamesa has installed over18,000 MW of wind turbine capacity, and has production facilities in Europe, the USA, India and China, employing over 6,300 people worldwide.

[Source: Cleantechnica]

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