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Wind Power Has the Capability to Cut CO2 Emissions, Even at High Penetration Levels


wind_main New research from Spain has shown that wind power has the ability to effectively cut CO2 emissions, even at high penetration levels. These findings come from the University of Madrid. They provide new insight into wind power, as well as silence the skepticism that has run rampant in the public media regarding wind power.

Researchers found every MWh that is introduced into the network, they are able to avoid the CO2 of each displaced thermal MWh at a low penetration. They also found when penetration levels are as high as 50%, the wind accumulates and reductions reach 80%. This reduction is significant as there are no negative cases.

However, there have been many skeptics to wind power. This research has done a good job of silencing the skeptics. They claim wind power plants require a large amount of backup power that they can’t make the energy cut. This is a myth that has been spread pretty far by the public and the media with a bias against wind power.

To improve the case of wind power, researchers note the usefulness of wind turbines can be improved by developing wind turbine technology, modeling, managing the electricity system, and energy storing technologies. In other words, the ability for wind power to cut CO2 will increase in the coming years.

Wind power is cheap and accessible in most regions of the world. There is no doubt, due to this research, that wind power will take off even more. If the media covers this research instead of the myth, wind power can take off even more.

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