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Brazil Plans Great Progresses For Renewable Energy Generation


China, Japan, Germany or South Korea are not the only countries that make progresses in the renewable energy field. Brazil, for example, playing an important role in the world economy, has also announced big renewable energy plans for the future.

According to some reports, the main part of Brazil’s energy will be generated from wind. This country has generated about 9 GW from biomass, wind and small hydropower in 2010, and now it plans to get 27 GW by 2020. Besides this, Brazil also wants to have 16% of its electricity supply coming from alternative energy sources in 10 years.

Speaking about wind energy, the country hit the 1 GW milestone in May but now has great plans for the next ten years, hoping to get to 12 GW by 2020.

Regarding its biomass resources, the plan is to go from 4.5 GW (2010) to 9 GW (2020). And for small hydro, the plan is to go from 3.8 GW to 6.4 GW. It seems that Brazil realizes how harmful fossil fuels are for the environment and for the economy.

[via CleanTechnica]

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