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Nissan & JAF's 5-Ton Diesel Truck That Saves Stranded LEAFs


Now this is not good news for treehuggers, but sort of good news for Tokyo-based Nissan Leaf owners. The company is advertising its all-electric multi-thousand dollar marvel with all of its financial power, but despite that they recently unveiled a 5-ton diesel truck to save stranded drivers who forgot they drive an electric vehicle with a relatively low battery range of 100 miles.

The vehicle resembles a firetruck, and its two workers are also dressed in firefighter-like suits, and belongs to JAF (Japan Automobile Federation).

JAF’s diesel truck is able to charge any CHAdeMo-compatible electric vehicle, but what it can do for the Leaf is supply a 20-minute recharge that can take the car for another 25 miles, probably to the nearest charging point, or the user’s home.

The service is momentarily provided by Nissan for free, because it’s in its test period, and is only available in Nissan’s own prefecture of Kanagawa, south of Tokyo.

This is not a bad idea after all, since everyone knows electric cars have to get rescued from time to time, but more often than their polluting counterparts. After all, similar services exist for normal gas guzzlers, but they’re nothing special, since it’s all about gas.

Nissan would better invent a truck that’s also powered by batteries, and not by diesel juice, whose burning is responsible for a lot of unhealthy, cancer-making particulate emissions. If they don’t care about that, at least they should care about the difference the image such a service should have and the image it actually reflects – either way, the idea is good, but in the way that it’s been thought it’s not marketable for the majority of clients from this niche.

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