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Terra Motors’ Electric Three-Wheeler Tuk Tuk Seeks Investors on Indiegogo


Terra-Motors-proposed-design-for-three-wheelerOne thing that everyone, who has visited any part of Southeast Asia, remembers is the Tuk Tuk. This incredible mode of transportation in the busy Asian cities is not only extremely convenient but it has become some sort of a trade mark and a main tourist attraction.

However, these run on gasoline, and knowing how many of them cross the busy streets at any given time, they ultimately contribute quite a bit to urban air pollution. Now Terra Motors, one of the giants in the electric scooters industry, might just have found the solution to the problem, by designing and promoting their electrified version of the 3-wheeler Tuk Tuk.

Besides trying to introduce a new concept into the already establish Asian market, Terra Motors is also seeking for funding in a new and not very conventional way. Through crowdfunding, the Japan-based corporation is hoping to raise $50,000, which amount, according to them, should be sufficient to get the mass production on the go.

The company, which is currently the leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles, sees the three-wheeler as a cheep and clean alternative to the existing and very popularĀ auto rickshaws, which can help in the fight against fossil fuels and bring functional green innovation to the transportation market.

Terra Motors targets the Philippines and India as their primary and initial market, partly because of the popularity of the Tuk Tuk‘s and partly because both countries are of a desperate need to combat pollution, while they are still on top of the world’s poverty charts.

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