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VL Destino: The Fisker-Karma-Inspired Car Backed by Bob Lutz

VL Destino - A Step Backwards for Fisker Karma Bodies?
VL Destino – A Step Backwards for Fisker Karma Bodies?

Except for its toothy grin, the Fisker Karma is one of the sexier vehicles out there. Its extended-range electric vehicle [EREV] drivetrain makes it even better.

With all the problems that Fisker Automotive has been suffering of late, it came as good news that Chinese billionaire Richard Li bought out the Department of Energy [DOE] loan that the company had defaulted on. It figures that, with a little good news, Fisker Automotive might get a second chance, must come a little bad news.

Bob Lutz, of Chevy Volt and VIA Motors fame, also has his hands in another pot, VL Automotive. Gilbert Villereal and Bob Lutz, partners in VL Automotive, have further developed, or should we say trampled, the flailing Fisker Karma, the result being the VL Destino. The VL Destino, which showed at the Detroit Auto Show and will be released next year around $200,000, could be the opposite of what Henrik Fisker had in mind when he envisioned the Fisker Automotive lineup of EREV vehicles.

The VL Destino is a Fisker Karma with its heart ripped out, that is, without the EREV powertrain, a surprising move for the guy behind the VTRUX lineup of heavy duty EREV trucks, vans, and SUVs. The Destino will be produced with a small-block V8 from the Chevy Corvette, as well as removing the unsightly Karma grin. VL Automotive is even offering to convert Fisker Karma that are already on the road, ramming a 450hp Stingray LT1 or 638hp supercharged ZR1 LS9 engine under the hood. A step backwards, I think.

Image © VL Automotive

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