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NYC to Create the Largest Electric Vehicle Fleet in the US


electric cars new yorkNYC Clean Fleet, named by NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, is the newest idea in cutting vehicle emissions. This electric vehicle fleet will be the largest to hit cities in the United States. This plan will cut municipal government vehicle emissions in half by 2025, and by a staggering 80% by no later than 2035.

Bill de Blasio made the announcement at the fossil fuel summit on Tuesday. With world leaders banding together in order to find a way to cut down on vehicle emissions, de Blasio was in perfect company. “By building the largest municipal electric fleet in the country – and potentially the world – New York City is continuing to lead by examply,” de Blasio said. “Cities are setting the pace on climate action, and with our city and our planet’s very future at stake, we need national leaders in Paris to take note and take action.”

These talks came after a large electric vehicle fleet was decided upon for England. With over 550 electric vehicles currently on the road in European countries, and more than 100 EV’s delivered to taxi companies across Europe. American drivers and leaders are beginning to stand up and take notice of the strides being made in countries other than our own.

With de Blasio’s current plan to cut vehicle emissions across the city 80% by 2050, the government has a lot of work to do. Because more than 11,000 sedans and SUV’s are operated by municipal employees, the work will be considerable and quite costly. The capital investment of $50-$80 million over the next decade, starting with replacing 2,000 fossil fuel vehicles in the next 10 years alone.

Transportation makes up one quarter of the emissions in New York City. With California becoming a leader in the fight to cut emissions, more vehicles being purchased there than all other states. Over half the EV’s purchased in the US come from California.

New York City will not only boost the EV’s for the municipality, but will offer incentives for those that drive EV’s, such as more options for charging and parking specific to EV’s.

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