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Obama Administration Fast-Tracks Large Solar Plants, Ignores Small Ones


Small_Scale_Solar_PlantLarge-scale solar plants have been fast-tracked under the Obama Administration. Instigated by government-guaranteed, low-interest loans, sometimes covering up to 80% of the construction costs, these large-scale plants have popped up everywhere. In fact, the government has dedicated over $16 billion for renewable-energy projects thus far.

Developers love the larger-scale projects –they are financially efficient. Their size, however, creates higher costs for rate payers and transmission inefficiencies.

On the flip side, small-scale solar plants have the ability to generate electricity at a lower cost to consumers while being more eco-friendly. Most of these small plants are located in deserts areas so they can’t do much damage to the surround area and environment.

Recent studies project that California may derive a substantial percentage of its energy needs from rooftop solar installations, according to recent studies. So, whether on suburban homes or city roofs or atop big-box stores, it very well may be small solar plants that save the day and generate a larger quantity of energy when the total of all is added up collectively.

The Obama Administration faces some criticism from smaller solar plants. Janine Blaeloch, the director of the nonprofit Western Lands Project said when the federal policy was initially developed, smaller plants were never even considered. She feels the path chosen is damaging and ignores the great potential of small solar plants.

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  1. The  changeling (vlad the droner)and his minions of course favour the large installations of large concerns-more bribes oh sorry -more deductable election campain contributions(and retirement consultancies and board of director positions) that way.By now his dance card must be full for the life of the cosmos(see;Monsanto).
    Overall anaylis show that on site solar makes up for lower sun hours and sun arc blockage to some extent by reducing line losses,particularlly in peak load periods(air conditioning-inexcusably).Moreover,wise provision by the suburbinod or kuntory roof owner,of a minimium load 3-5 day battery bank,puts them in the catbird seat when monopilist bankster intrests start screwing with the switches(enronesque).Assuming said home owner has the wit too estimate AND measure his minimium requirements(and reduce/shift/eliminate them),size the batteries properly-AND maintain /operate them.All of which are doable in stages,don’t neglect to NOT allow the smart meter-once you have the panels,battery bank* and the practiced plan-You have veto on that.
    Amory Lovins haus has run on 2.4 kwh/day for years,and this can be bettered.
    Bon chance
    Todd Millions                                          *see also:Super flywheel.


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