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Happy New Year! This is What’s Been Written and Read Most in 2012


happy-new-year-2013Our dear readers,

2012 is nearing its end. No apocalypse this year, but many, many revolutionary changes in the green industry, despite the fallback recent times have hit it with.

Thank you for being with us in 2012 and for your interest in the latest green technologies. Either classic or exotic approaches worked in 2012 for greentech, and this I am now showing through the most read articles on The Green Optimistic this year.

Here’s a Top 10 of what’s been read and written this year on our blog. This Top 10 may as well indicate future trends and interests of the about 1.8 million page hits this year has brought us.

I noticed that there’s still a big interest for exotic sources of energy, solar power, air-powered cars, piezo-derived electricity and out-of-the-box ideas regarding wind power.

Enjoy the compilation I prepared below and, before that, rest assured that we’ll be updating you with the most fresh and interesting pieces in 2013, too!

A happy new year and let green technology prevail!

Ovi & the crew

DIY: How to Build a Thermoelectric Energy Generator With a Cheap Peltier Unit
Video of a Working Homemade Linear Magnetic Motor
Tata Motors to Launch Mini CAT Compressed Air Car in August
How to Build a Cheap DIY Solar Panel System for Under $1,000
13 Year-Old Aidan Dwyer Uses Fibonacci Sequence to Improve Solar Power Collection
Engineer’s Plug-In Hybrid Retrofit Kit Can Double Any Car’s Mileage
Self-Charging Battery Transforms Vibrations Directly Into Chemical Energy
Pestalotiopsis Microspora: Fungus That Eats Plastic Bottles Lives in The Rain Forest
Wind Harvester – New Horizontal Wind Turbine That Produces Energy From Low Winds
LightScribe-Etched Graphene DVDs Making Supercapacitors Better Than Batteries
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