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Obama Slaps Trump With $500mln Donation to Green Climate Fund


With less than a day in office now-former President Obama has done a stunning thing. Knowing that incoming President Trump has a highly antagonistic view towards the environment, Mr. Obama has made sure that the Green Climate Fund will have ample funding for the near future.

This is a very welcome move from a man who did all that he could to safeguard the environment during his time in office.

President Obama transferred 500 million dollars to the GCF, this money will no doubt help to further the goals of the Fund, which was set up to ensure that low-emission development is supported worldwide, and especially in low-income countries that would be unable to develop green technologies without outside assistance.

Trump has promised to halt all payments to the GCF, and without this bold action, their ability to ensure that the programs that are already underway would have been in doubt. Prior to this transfer, the fund had received 500 million dollars from the United States, and were working with the understanding that there would be more funding on the way.

Mr. Obama has honored that commitment, and ensured that the GCF will be able to continue their support of earth-sustaining development world wide.

Organizations like the Green Climate Fund are vitally important to our ongoing social development, and ensure that people are given access to low-emission, sustainable technology.

In many developing economies emissions take a back-seat to cost, and without the help of the GCF, investments would be made in long-term infrastructure that use potential profit or upfront cost as the deciding factor for their implementation.

It is only with the help of the more advanced economies that poorer nations will be able to take advantage of sustainable, green advancements. Without that badly needed help, they will continue to embrace development that is cheap today, but will pollute for generations, and act as a drain on our planets already fragile ability to sustain our race.

[via cleantechnica]

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