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How to Make a DIY Eco Yard to Help Conserve Resources


A lush green lawn is one of the most common sights in any area where the houses have space for a yard.

They are so common and most people never think about what a drain they are on our limited resources. Get your yard earth-friendly, and enjoy more free time in it with a DIY eco yard.

Not only is maintaining grass is extremely water intensive, but it also requires that it be cut periodically and in many areas to be fertilized.

Most people use a lawnmower to maintain their lawn, and most lawnmowers use an internal combustion engine. Commercial fertilizer is not good for anything, and is a huge source of ground water contamination.

When we look at our grassy lawns, we tend to be blind to the unnecessary waste that they represent.

There are many options for ground cover, and you can easily spend your weekends puttering around in your yard, and converting your resource sucking grass into a earth-friendly area. Your new yard will be much easier to keep up, and will require far less water and no gasoline or fertilizer to maintain.

Not only will you be helping to ease the strain on our precious natural resources, but you will free up a lot of your time and money too.

When you start to look for your ground cover options, think local.

Before the people showed up, there were native plants, and some of them may be perfect for your new earth-friendly yard.

Plants like moss and yarrow for example; are great in low traffic areas, and require little if any maintenance.

If you want something that is a little bit more like the lawn you are getting rid of, look for creeping perennials. Plants like Blue Star Creeper or Scotch Moss can really make a nice, lush area for you and your family, you won’t need to give them nearly as much water, and they never need a mow.

Don’t forget about ornamental grasses either, they look amazing, and never need to be mowed. They are great to add an accent to your eco yard, and you will love their distinctive character.

There are so many options to choose from when making an eco lawn, and they will all be better for the environment than your current grass is. It will take a bit of work to get going, but once planted, you will be saving time, money and lots of water.

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