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Oil Companies May Shift from Recycled Water to Saltwater


Concerns on too much of water consumption during hydraulic fracturing have been pushing oil companies in recycling water, which in turn costs them much time and expenses. Fortunately, an alternative has been developed to use salt water instead.

A drilling project already consumes 6 million gallons of drinkable water that are just disposed into underground wells. This huge waste of potable water put pressure to oil companies in cutting down fresh water by replacing it with recycled water.

However, removal of minerals and sediments in recycling water is costing drilling projects much compared to fresh water usage; and yet, the resulting water is not as efficient as the conventional fresh water.

Alternatively, salt water from underground wells can be utilized, provided that a technology could overcome its hindering actions against friction-reducing chemicals that are added to hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Halliburton Company, one of the largest oilfield services companies, has the answer to this as it has developed new chemicals that would finally make salt water applicable in drilling projects. This new development might set new standards in hydraulic fracturing.

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