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One Hundred Tesla Model S Convertibles Going to China

Tesla Model S Convertible, by Newport Convertible Engineering
Tesla Model S Convertible, by Newport Convertible Engineering

I know what you’re thinking, and now that you’re back from checking TeslaMotors.com for a convertible version of the Tesla Model S, you’re absolutely right.

Tesla Motors does not offer a Tesla Model S Convertible, at least not yet. For now, Tesla Motors is focused on getting the Tesla Model X into production, as well as the Tesla Gigafactory plan, which will facilitate production of the mass-market Tesla Model E. Don’t forget, Tesla Motors is working hard, expanding into Europe and China, which is where this next bit of news comes from.

True, Tesla Motors doesn’t offer a drop-top version of the Tesla Model S. On the other hand, there is at least one company who offers drop-top versions of practically any car you can imagine. Newport Convertible Engineering spent six months developing the Tesla Model S Convertible conversion system, and for $29,900, on top of the price of the car itself, you can get a retractable soft-top perfectly fitted. The retractable hard top goes for $49,900. For anyone who absolutely must have top-down driving, then Newport Convertible Engineering has what you need.

Considering that the Chinese love their foreign luxury and performance cars, and China is the world’s fastest-growing automobile market, it should come as no surprise that China could end up being Tesla Motors’ biggest market. A Chinese investor, however, didn’t want the hum-drum Tesla Model S sedan, and has ordered 100 Tesla Model S Convertibles, to be modified by Newport Convertible Engineering. All told, 100 Tesla Model S Convertibles could be worth as much as $23 million, marking the Chinese thirst for Tesla Motors.

Newport Convertible Engineering, in turn, has called upon Tesla Motors to help them produce 5,000 of the Tesla Model S Convertible, but Elon Musk hasn’t responded to that. Still, Musk says there will be a big announcement at the commencement of the 114th Annual New York International Auto Show, but does it have anything to do with the convertible?

Image © Newport Convertible Engineering

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